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Nurture Your Heart, Spirit and Body.

Time for yourself as a parent is always limited. Even just a few moments of self-care can help you to nourish and refresh yourself. Here are some inspirations:

In the morning

  • Allow yourself not to check emails before breakfast.
  • Take some time before your child wakes up for a short meditation and/or some gentle yoga (check out our Self-care Snippets)
  • If you are not an early bird, try to find some time during the day, maybe when your child takes a nap, to turn inward and tune into your own source.
  • Have breakfast sitting down, if possible!
  • Try not to do 2 things at once–at least not all the time ❤︎
  • Consciously enjoy what you eat and drink in the morning and throughout the day.
  • Find a moment to pause mid-morning. Make yourself your favorite beverage and enjoy it.
  • Spend time in nature.
  • If you can’t get outside, take a few moments to imagine sitting in the sun. Sensing the sun warming your face, your whole body feels good.

At mealtime (any meal of the day)

  • Make your dining table a screen-free zone, maybe light a candle, which creates a loving atmosphere.
  • Take a break! Don’t work while you eat.
  • Eat food that is both nutritious and delicious – pleasing your soul and body (seasonal recipes which are easy to make and balancing for the whole family will be soon available on our platform.
  • Only eat with your child if you have the time for a quiet meal. Otherwise, feed your child first.

In the afternoon

Treat yourself to something nice – it can be little! Take a few minutes to read a poem or a favorite magazine. Take your little one out for a walk around the block and enjoy the wonders of nature.

Make your favorite tea, maybe add some honey. Lay down for a few minutes, either flat on the floor or maybe with your legs up the wall (check out our Self-care Snippets)

Make sure your hands and feet are always warm, especially during the winter. Wool socks feel great and if it’s cold in your house, fingerless gloves can keep your hands warm while you continue with your daily activities. Also, any kind of movement will help you to warm up.

At the end of the day

  • Turn off your mobile phone, preferably at least an hour before bedtime.
  • Plan and prepare for the next day as much as is useful and your energy allows. This will help you relax at night.
  • A short warm foot bath or foot massage relaxes your nervous system. Massaging one’s feet is a simple, do-it-yourself treatment that helps ground energy and supports restful sleep. If you have someone else to do it for you – that’s lovely, too.
  • As you prepare for sleep, try to release whatever stress you are still holding in your body and mind from your day. Release the stress to the surface you are lying on.
  • A hot water bottle on your belly helps you to relax and let go of tensions from the day.
  • End the day by thinking of or writing down one thing you are grateful for and one wish for the next day. These can be small or big – as long as it is meaningful to you.
  • Allow yourself not to check emails during the night!


Self-care is not selfish. It is the foundation which allows us to care for ourselves and others. Self-care gives us the resources to pay more sensitive attention to what is happening both within and in the world around us. Only choose as many self-care practices as feel realistic. The idea is to nourish yourself, not cause any additional stress. Start with less and aim for continuity. Choose a practice that appeals to you from this list or from somewhere else. Find something that is nourishing for you!

Notes for your Daily Self-care practices:





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