Project Description


Make a simple kite

From paper, sticks, tape, and string.

Kites are fun on a windy day, and this little kite is perfect for young children. These kites fly very well with the wind or carried by a running child. You can have your little ones color or paint the paper you’re using and collect the sticks you’ll need, but the actual assembly needs to be done by an adult or older child.

Appropriate for ages 1 ½ and up.

Duration 06:21

You’ll need:

  • a square of medium or heavy paper–watercolor, drawing paper, or construction paper–about 6 ½ inches square,
  • 2 lightweight sticks that fit from corner to corner,
  • string or yarn, and
  • tape that’s sticky enough to hold the sticks to the paper–like craft, masking, or duct tape

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