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All Year Round Songs

Enjoy sharing these songs and verses.

Gift your child with the sound of your voice - whether you feel like you can carry a tune or not. For some of these, we demonstrate possible movements to do with them. Use these movements if you like - or make up your own. Use the melodies we share or make up your own - or just say the words. These little songs and verses are an invitation to engage in loving play with your child. They help to develop the child’s senses, especially the senses of hearing, touch, movement, and balance. They also help children to connect with the world around them - with nature, the cycles of the year - and with you! 

"I'm A Tall, Tall Tree!"

This song gently guides the child through the cycle of the seasons as we - as the tree - grow leaves in the spring, blow in the wind in the summer, grow apples in the fall, and glisten as the snowflakes fall in the winter. In the video, we begin with fall. But you can begin with whichever verse you want. Start with the verse for whatever season you’re in - or start in the springtime, as that’s where the child is in her development.

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I'm a Tall, Tall Tree

More Songs and Verses - COMING SOON

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