About us

We have created this platform for you, for our children, and our future, as we all rely on support to keep balance in these unprecedented times. We have experienced, that even in rocky waters, we can find deep sources of strength and transformation.

Meet the people who create these loving inspirations for you and your children to mindfully thrive – everyday – during a global pandemic and beyond. Let’s develop a future full of respect, gentleness and empathetically united around the globe!

Meet the people behind Beginning Well Everyday


Kevin Manning

Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher, California

Kevin is a father of 3 children and a …


Maria Lentzou

Psychologist & Performing Artist, San Francisco

Maria Lentzou is a licensed …


Pennie Brownlee

Early Childhood and Parenting Expert, New Zealand

Pennie is an author, advocate for children …


Rocio Murguia

Professional Dancer, Agentina

As a professional dancer, producer of international dance shows and …

“With 4 kids I often felt exhausted. But I learned that self-care is not selfish! Thanks for empowering my soul, body and mind!”

Alix von Studnitz Nell,
Fashion Designer, NYC

“Beginning Well Everyday has been a terrific source of inspiration as we raise our precious boy. As a father, I’m grateful for the emotional guidance that the project has offered me.”

Eric Rodenbeck,
Dad, Founder and CEO
Stamen Design, San Francisco

“Every time I watch a video here, I feel better. I am calmer and see my little one with new eyes.”

Francesca Boccolini,
New Mom and Tech Entrepreneur,