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03: How to Let Go of Being Perfect

Do you want to know how to let go of this exhausting desire to do everything right, to be extraordinary at home as a mom and also as a working professional?

In today’s episode I dive deep into exactly what is underneath our expectation to be the best, why we seek to be perfect and how we can transform our mindset in order to reconnect with our calm, authentic self that allows us ease and joy.

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Today I am going to share some very personal thoughts about my own desire to be perfect. For a very long time I wasn’t aware of how hard I tried to be the best, to be unapproachable and infallible in all what I did. And when I’m asking myself where this longing to do everything “right” is coming from, then I come to a very vulnerable little me thinking I’m not good enough.

If at some point in our life we have internalized negative self-beliefs and we keep telling ourselves the lie “I am not good enough”, we keep loosing the trust in ourselves, the trust in our unique potential. In order to reconnect with our full capacity, our incredible wisdom and intuition, listening to the profound signals of our body, we first have to transform our mindset: We have to come to a state of inner safety.

Discover with me:

  • One of our biggest needs, the need to feel seen and appreciated as we came here to be
  • How we build and transform the misconception of not being good enough, that keeps us small, maybe full of shame
  • What kind of mindset we need in order to see the truth and find the fulfillment as a mom and woman
  • The gift you need to help you break the patterns of exhausting yourself

Quotable moment…

Every time you change your mindset, you tell yourself encouraging, positive words such as “I am a thoughtful, multi-tasking, courageous, lovable, endless caring, unwavering mom”, observe how your wellbeing changes from feeling incapable. inadequate to being able to go into the world feeling vulnerable AND powerful at the same time.

Are you hiding in what’s comfortable …

Or are you willing to step into the identity of who you are as the creator of a fulfilled family and work life?

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