How can we parents support the health and growth of our little ones in a holistic way?

I am delighted to share an interview filled with deep wisdom, from anthroposophical family doctor and father, Dr. Adam Blanning, (USA). His holistic perspective encourages us to use these challenging times as an opportunity for transformative change, emotional and spiritual growth! 

Watch now:

  • Parenting in a Pandemic with Dr. Adam Blanning here

Let’s Welcome the Spring – Enjoy Playful Activities Together

  • Spend time surrounded by Mother Nature
    • Notice the awakening spring
    • Bring home treasures you find outdoors and create a seasons table
    • Plant seeds or care for houseplants or cut flowers
    • Plan a garden
  • Play and dance together
  • Try some artistic activities
    • Depending on your child’s age, paint a family picture with e.g. the topic:
      How can we create a family life, in which everyone feels appreciated and well? You might be surprised by the visual result.
    • Crayons and paper can provide lots of entertainment
    • Scissors, tape, and glue, too, can be lots of fun
    • Gather disposable items and make a sculpture
  • Cook/bake: Create and/or find new recipes
  • Children love to help with all kinds of household and garden activities
  • Make some spring crafts together. More here