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Tissue Paper Butterflies

Let’s fly into the Spring!

Susan Bruck shows you how to make butterflies from 2 squares of tissue paper or silk and a pipe cleaner. These butterflies will look lovely atop your spring grass, Easter grass – or you can attach a string and a stick and let your little one make them fly – indoors and outdoors. Have some extra pipe cleaners and tissue paper or silk on hand for your little one to explore. You’ll probably want to make this project yourself while the children explore the materials by your side.

Duration 06:54

  • Tissue paper or silk (about 3 inches by 4 inches)
  • Some pipe cleaners (half of a regular size pipe cleaner, which is about 6 inches long)
Enjoy two sweet verses to say while making the Butterflies

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Fly Bright Butterfly, Fly!

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