Stop being hard on yourself

Why Self-care is THE foundational parenting skill.

How often do you check in with yourself each busy day? How often do you speak appreciatively to yourself and care about your needs and limitations?

In our latest addition: Why self-care is THE foundational parenting skill, you will be reminded that we parents have to make sure that our own cup is filled if we want to emotionally feed our little one. It is impossible to sustainably be gentle and mindful with them while keeping our inner balance if we are not aware of our own needs and don’t understand how to care for ourselves. Find out more here.

Looking ahead

Next week we will share 2 keys that are essential to best care for your soul & to deepen your self-trust: It all starts with discovering your own wise voice that lovingly cares for you & making a conscious decision about what specific time you will set aside for your self-care.

We all know that to follow the wisdom of our soul is often easier said than done, but your conscious commitment to your well-being is the first step towards putting your intentions into action.

At the end of this month we will nourish you with some seasonal, delicious, healthy sweets that are joyful for yourself & your loved ones to create together.

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