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    • Articles, pictures & videos with year by year guidance about child development to help you understand your child’s behavior, emotional and physical needs
    • A variety of how-to-videos with seasonal crafts, sweet stories, verses & songs to enjoy with your child

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“With 4 kids I often felt exhausted. But I learned that self-care is not selfish! Thanks for empowering my soul, body and mind!”

Alix von Studnitz Nell,
Fashion Designer, NYC

“Beginning Well Everyday has been a terrific source of inspiration as we raise our precious boy. As a father, I’m grateful for the emotional guidance that the project has offered me.”

Eric Rodenbeck,
Dad, Founder and CEO
Stamen Design, San Francisco

“Every time I watch a video here, I feel better. I am calmer and see my little one with new eyes.”

Francesca Boccolini,
New Mom and Tech Entrepreneur,

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