A Transformative
Self-care Group
for Moms

With Pia Dögl, Mom, Parent Coach,
Speaker, Author & Founder

It is time to care for YOUR well-being!

As some of you might already know, I was definitely not an expert in taking care of myself. I always thought self-care was selfish. At one point, when our daughter Charlotte was around 1 ½ years old, I felt totally depleted, completely stressed out & pretty much alone, even though I had a close relationship with my husband. (More about my path can be found here.)

I founded the Mom’s Self-Care Circle with the intention of helping you transform your exhaustion & daily stress into balance & stability, to find a space for your own needs, allow yourself to be vulnerable & most importantly to feel truly seen the way you are: no need to pretend or hide parts of your beautiful self. My promise to you is: your heart will breathe more freely with each passing day and the life you secretly dream of will become real!


Within an empowering & intimate group of moms with kids of all ages, we will meet for 2 coaching calls/month over a period of 3 months in order to work on personal, life-changing topics such as:

* Gaining clarity about my habits, limitations, desires & trigger points

* Being kinder, gentler & more compassionate with myself

* Building trust in my intuitive perception & letting go of things that I am unconsciously or consciously holding onto that no longer serve me

* Finding nourishing self-care tools & learning to set boundaries in order to rejuvenate & reduce inner stress and overwhelm in everyday life

My approach

Our work will include non-verbal techniques such as exploratory drawing, free body movements, easy self-awareness practices & deep reflection that allow your heart and your body to speak. We will work in small groups & also use individual journaling. You will be guided to reconnect with your authentic self and discover an astonishing range of unconscious potential.

In a protected, inspiring & uplifting atmosphere, you will experience the mind-blowing power of connecting with like-minded moms.

I keep hearing mothers saying: “What a relief to experience that I’m not the only one who feels this way or who has this issue!”

How to join

The Self-Care Circle is open for registration once a year. Spots are limited and highly sought after.

While the Self-Care Circle is currently closed to public enrollment, make sure to get on the waiting list by clicking the link below.

I am really looking forward to seeing you there!

I have much more energy since I joined the circle and am more aware of my deepest desires, which is something I never talked about. I am so grateful for the wonderful feedback of all the women in my group. Thank you all so much for helping me transform into a new person.
Susan from UK
I learned so much from the drawing practices. They helped me to understand what I was not conscious of: I need to let go of my need to control and trust myself and my children more. I can also communicate better with my husband so he can support me in our household & with childcare. We took a big step towards a more fulfilling family life!
Lory from USA
With 3 kids, I often felt like there was no time for myself. In the first coaching calls, I learned simple ways to reconnect with myself. I am more able to stay calm even when the kids have tantrums. I am so grateful to be able to find more peace at home.
Betty from Germany

Your well-being is the heartbeat of your family!

Allow yourself to care for your own needs, & enjoy the uplifting power of other wonderful moms like you! You are the biggest gift you can give your loved ones & the world.