Babies Do NOT Need to be Entertained

Or Receive Instructions for Playing.

5 Mindset Shifts for Parents.

Enjoy the second part of our 2-part series The importance of Free Play & Self-discovery For Children’s Healthy Learning and Development. Why Babies do NOT need to be entertained or receive instructions for playing – 5 mindset shifts for parents.

Most of us are so used to explaining to our little one what to do with things: how to play with the stuffies, how to use the game cards (if your child is older), etc. Learn why it’s essential for your child to find out things for himself through thorough exploration and as little interruption as possible. Get inspired here.

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Looking ahead
And at the end of June we will be sharing inspiring insights from naturopath and parent advocate Anne de Wille, about Understanding your child’s temperament to better understand the way he acts. In this deep conversation you will gain more clarity & a deeper understanding about your child’s behavior and needs.