Group Hypnosis for moms

Live Group Hypnosis For Moms That Are Ready To Know Their Future

Want to Get clarity about your personal, family and work life in 2023?

Stop second-guessing what the future will bring and find out exactly what will happen so you can transform worries, doubts, and insecurity into confidence and certainty of what lies ahead. Secure your calm self right away at the beginning of 2023.

Join my upcoming in person group hypnosis, Thursday, January 26th, 2023, 10–12 pm PT in Pacific Heights, San Francisco.

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We all have at least one subject on our mind, that we wish to get more insights about, how it will evolve in the future, right?


How to get in contact with your higher wisdom and take the driver seat towards your personal, family and or work life.
What's really happening in 2023 and how to transform inner uncertainty into a deeper understanding of your life.

Clear orientation that enables you to feel calmer, more stable and confident.

The most effective and fastest progression into your future to immediately get to know special moments or events of your life ahead.

My promise to you:

Deep inside of you - YOU carry the wisdom of what will happen in your future life!
Relinquish overwhelm and anxiety caused by the unknown of your future and handle the challenges of your life ahead so you can enjoy every present moment of your precious being.

In service to your fulfillment ...

So often I was absorbed in thoughts about my future, "what happens when, if ....," worried if I would be able to manage challenges in my relationship or with my daughter or at work. I felt overwhelmed and anxious about failing and not being able to handle what life was asking me.

Hypnosis for me is the most effective and fastest tool to travel into our future life to let our wisdom speak to find inner certainty, clarity and calm.

Your inner wisdom knows what the future will bring. I'll guide you to envision clearly your life ahead.

Cost & further details:

This event will be "Pay what you can." My desire is to offer group hypnosis based on freedom, trust, and nourishing connection.
The address of our location and what to bring will be sent out soon after you have registered. Limited spots are available, so make sure to sign up today.