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Reconnect With Yourself

Through Iyengar Yoga.

Joining those short Yoga Snippets will help you to improve your well-being, guide you to feel more calm, balanced and to reconnect with your true self. Release tension, relax with simple postures, gain new vitality, stability and inner clarity.

No experiences in Yoga are required for any of these sessions! You can join just one, two or all three. Choose the topic that feels right for your body at this moment. In general, the only thing you need is comfortable clothing that you can freely move in. See each topic for what other simple props you’ll need.

A Conscious Breathing Practice

In this 12-minute session, Julia guides you through some simple, deep conscious breathing that supports calming the body & mind and recentering yourself.

Duration 14:24

  • A yoga bolster or a rolled yoga mat or 2 firm folded blankets (depending on what’s available) to support your spine 
  • A firm blanket or alternatively a towel folded to support your head

A Strengthening Session

In this session Julia guides you through simple postures that support lifting your chest and heart area, and she gives you an understanding of alignment in the body and why that is important AND how to get there. You will also find out how to strengthen your legs, the navel area and to open your chest.

Duration 12:40

The following yoga postures should not be done by women in the first 3 months after giving birth.

  • A sticky mat if possible, so the feet don’t slip
  • One thick towel or blanket
  • A chair – any chair, not necessarily a yoga chair

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Reconnect With Yourself

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