Project Description

Make A Lantern

With your little ones.

This series of videos shows you how to make a lantern from a jar and tissue paper with your little one. It’s suitable for kids 18 months and up - depending on the child. They need to be old enough not to eat the glue or paper. It’s fun and easy to make this lantern - and it’s a lovely decoration for your home during the darker time of year. If you add a handle, you can let it light the way on an evening walk, too.

  • You’ll need a clean, empty glass jar - any size, but taller ones may be harder to light
  • Tissue paper
  • White glue
  • Optional, but nice: Glitter (biodegradable)
  • Mod-podge for finishing
  • Wire star garland for around the top and for making a handle
  • You may also want a pair of scissors 
  • Some kind of paper or cloth to protect the surface you’re working on and possible for the floor, too
Enjoy this lovely lantern song while making your own lantern here

Part 1: Gather and prepare your supplies

Susan shows you in detail what you’ll need to make these simple lanterns. She also discusses how to prepare everything so you can enjoy making lanterns with your child.

Duration 05:03

Part 2: Decorate with tissue paper

Add tissue paper to your glass jar with a mixture of white glue and water.

Duration 13:26

Part 3: Clean-up tips

To keep your tools in good condition, you need to clean your brushes and cover your glue mixture.

Duration 01:02

Part 4: Finishing your lantern

If you want to: you can add glitter, add a layer of mod-podge to seal the lantern, and use wire star garland to add decorations and a handle.

Duration 07:38

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