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Invigorating Salsa for moms

Dance every day - with no dancing experience required!

Rocio, a professional Latin-American dancer from Argentina, is taking you into the magical world of Salsa dance. In her short sparkling Salsa classes you will be inspired to move your feet, hips and heart to invigorating rhythms. Discover new ways to move your body and enjoy your joyful, creative self. No dancing experience required!

  • Some space to move freely
  • You can either dance barefoot or wear comfortable shoes

Part 1: The Basic Salsa Steps

In this class, Rocio guides you to learn the basic Salsa steps - step by step. You will learn the foundation of this dance which is full of joy, playfulness and passion

Duration 11:22

Part 2: Take the first Salsa Turns

In this second class, Rocio starts with a review of the basic steps. Then she shows you how to make your first turns. Have fun, get fresh energy and bring new perspectives into your daily life.

Duration 10:45

COMING SOON - Part 3: Move Freely

In the third class, you will joyfully bring together what you learned in the previous sessions and become more familiar with the basic steps and turns. Experience freedom and joy while you move to invigorating songs full of life, love and sunshine.

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Invigorating Salsa for moms

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