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How To Be More Empathetic?


In this 2-part live session, you will explore your own understanding of empathy, how it affects YOUR well-being, and the well-being of your child and the rest of your family.

We all want to be recognised for who we came here to be, for our unique potential. Then we connect to the deeper meaning of our being and can grow with joy, inner freedom and fulfillment. Find inspiration in Pia’s deeper perspective of empathy, and how this awareness can nurture our daily lives.
It is beneficial to have joined the first part, before joining the second, but not precondition. A recorded version of each session will be available soon after the live event.

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Part 1: What does Empathy mean and how does it totally change our well-being? 

In this session you will experience what empathy means to you and through practical exploration, what it feels like to receive empathy, and what it feels like not to be accepted for who you are. We will spend time for personal reflection as well as exchange in a small and the whole group.

Part 2: Self- Appreciation - A Daily Practice

In this session you will improve your self-appreciation. It is only through caring for ourselves, honoring our own needs, being aware of our own thoughts and feelings that we can truly understand and empathize with our loved ones. 

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