Project Description

Empathetic Daily Care Routines

For growing, trustful relationships.

Anna Ruth demonstrates, with her doll Lena, how we can be mindful and respectful with our little one in simple daily care routines such as picking up, holding, and changing diapers. She shows us how we can take those daily moments, where the baby really relies on our support and where we have the tendency to do them mechanically - as an opportunity to grow a trustful relationship and to joyfully get to know each other better. 

Mindfully lifting a baby

Anna Ruth shares some thoughts for touching and lifting a baby with mindful care and consideration. She invites us parents to first slow down, to adapt to the baby’s slower pace and to prepare the baby for the transition before taking her into our arms. Pausing to first observe what your baby is doing before interrupting him suddenly seems unusual for most of us. But these daily routines can be a beautiful invitation to deepen an appreciative connection between the two of you. 

Duration 08:19

Respectful Diaper Changing

In this video Anna Ruth provides us with practical suggestions about respectful and cooperative diapering. She demonstrates, with her doll Lena, how to touch the little one with gentle hands, moving slowly and announcing to the baby what we intend to do with her next, so that the child can find orientation and feel safe, sound and seen at any time. You don't have to be an expert in diapering at all! Just give yourself and your baby time together, without rushing or a sense of drudgery, while you are caring for the baby’s most vulnerable areas.

Duration 09:58

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