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A fulfilling family life starts

with YOU.

A membership to help moms of little ones 0-3 transform

Overwhelm to Calm

Self-doubt to Confidence

Loneliness to Connection

Did you know nearly 65% of moms report experiencing burnout?

When our daughter Charlotte was born, I thought I was more than prepared for motherhood with my background in psychology, art therapy, and a Masters Degree in Special Education.

I threw myself into motherhood and anticipated my daughter’s every need. She was thriving, BUT I was not!

I was surprised by how constant and exhausting the responsibilities of being a mom were, and I never could have imagined how often I would second-guess my parenting choices.

I assumed I must be doing something wrong or that I wasn’t doing enough, so I tried harder.

When Charlotte was about 1½ years old, I felt totally depleted, completely stressed out, and pretty much alone, even though I had a close relationship with my husband.

Charlotte needed me, but I was in such a state of exhaustion. I didn’t know how I could continue giving her my everything and keep going at the same nonstop pace I’d been going at since she arrived.

With the help of a loving parent coach, I began to learn about the gift of self-awareness and how to identify my own needs and trigger points.

I learned that self-care isn’t selfish, and I deserved the same gentle, loving care I showed our daughter.

Since those early days of exhaustion, I’ve made it my mission to help mothers all over the world to understand that there is another way to approach motherhood… a way that doesn’t ignore your own needs, but instead puts them FIRST.

This may sound counterintuitive at first, but your child will actually thrive even more, feel more balanced and stable, when you begin recognizing and meeting your own needs first.

Pia Dögl
Mom, Parent Coach, Author, Speaker & Founder of Beginning Well®

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Learn How to Prevent Mom Burnout

in my simple 4-Step Parenting Path


The Importance

of Self-Care


into Calm & Confidence


with Your Child & Partner


Self-Care With the
Needs of Loved Ones

Refill your own cup anytime, anywhere.

Each phase of the Beginning Well® Everyday Parenting Path guides you through a mindset shifting collection of brief videos, audios and articles designed to help you:

  • Understand and balance your own needs with those of your loved ones

  • Avoid overwhelm, feeling lost, desperate and exhausted

  • Deepen your compassion, mindfulness and joyful connections with yourself, your child and your partner/co-parent

  • Thrive with ease during your little one’s fundamental early years 

Imagine if one month from now you feel…

  • More relaxed, patient, and confident as a parent & woman

  • No guilt taking time for yourself to restore your energy & joy

  • Confident creating healthy routines & a stress-free schedule that works for all family members

  • Comfortable knowing your child feels content & doesn’t need your attention all the time

  • At peace with a new way to more lovingly cooperate with your partner/co-parent

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After a stressful day I just spend 5 min. doing something for myself on this page and I feel like a new person. I’m calmer and can see my little one who is having an intense meltdown with new eyes. It is just magical how Pia transforms my feeling of overwhelm in just a few minutes!

Briana, USA

Even after my second child, I had lots of self-doubts. I felt less happy with my family. After joining Beginning Well® Everyday I learned what my own parenting potentials are and found out how to be more kind with myself.

Alix, UK

I often felt alone and not really connected with my children. I didn’t know what my needs were. A friend told me about this membership. It has been such an eye opening resource & gave me practical tools to reconnect with myself & better understand my children’s challenging behavior!

Erica, Germany

I love the simple 4-step Parenting Path of Beginning Well® Everyday and the mixture between something for my own soul and to help my baby cry less. Everything is presented in an easy and pleasant way. No long searches and laborious texts – that makes a short and yet deep input in the evening possible, despite tiredness. As a single mom I love the most to look at the self-care snippets, these short and sooo soothing units help me a lot to fill my own cup!

Lucy, New Zealand

Give yourself the gift of a more peaceful family life.

Are you ready to:

  • LEARN about self-care THE most important parenting skill?

  • TRANSFORM self-doubt into confidence?
  • DEEPEN the connections with your child/children and your partner/co-parent?
  • LEARN how to balance your own needs with those of your loved ones?

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Beginning Well
® has already helped thousands of parents worldwide

to create peaceful, fulfilling family lives where each family member has the opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential.

You can keep feeling stressed & tired, wondering when or if life will somehow
change for the

You can get life-changing self-care strategies & mindset shifting early childhood guidance to approach family life with confidence, clarity & more fulfilling connection.

Start enjoying a life that cherishes the  well-being of EVERY family member

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What’s included

in my Beginning Well® Everyday Membership?

Pia’s 4-Step Parenting Path

Each phase of the parenting path is filled with a small set of videos, articles and audio recordings designed to help you develop a beautiful foundation of new parenting skills that will make a more peaceful family life possible. You will soon begin feeling:

  • More like yourself & at peace with your own unique parenting style
  • Confident as a mother and woman, filled with trust in your precious intuition
  • Connected with yourself, your child, and your loved ones while knowing exactly “what is essential” and “what to focus on next”
  • Capable of mindfully balancing self-care with the needs of the whole family

Holistic Early Childhood Development Resources

Learn new perspectives and proven solutions from globally renowed Early Child Development Experts & health professionals in the fields of pediatrics, psychology, education, neuroscience and so much more on age based topics such as:

  • How to develop a healthy sleeping & waking rhythmn
  • How to make daily care routines stress-free for both of you
  • Why babies and toddlers do NOT need to be entertained
  • Why free play & independent motor development are fundamental for your child to acheive their full potential
  • How the way we talk to & observe our children affects their successful, lifelong learning
  • Why the “terrible twos” don’t have to be terrible &
  • How to support your child even when he is acting out WITHOUT power struggles or punishment

Seasonal Activities to Enjoy with Your Little One

A variety of crafts, verses, songs, how-to-videos & audios – always at your fingertips – arranged by season and holiday for your convenience. All of these activities nourish your child’s senses in a holistic way, encourage creativity, and help you celebrate the sparkle of each moment and the turning of the year in playful ways.

3 new
transformative pieces of content each month

to nurture YOU, YOUR CHILD, and YOUR RELATIONSHIP, so each of you thrive individually and together as a fulfilled family.

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The ONLY Parenting Membership that puts YOU first.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What’s included in the membership?2021-11-29T05:45:48-08:00

Instant access to our:

  • Simple 4-Step Parenting Path that will help parents of children 0-3 to transform stress & overwhelm to calm, self-doubt to confidence & loneliness to deeper connection with their little one and their partner or co-parent. You will be guided step by step in an easy yet deep way to live a fulfilling family life, the life YOU wish for.  
  • Aged Based Tips that provide clear guidance, starting from the time you begin preparing for your baby’s birth through their third year. You’ll learn the latest perspectives & science on topics such as: How to develop a healthy sleep rhythm; why babies and toddlers do NOT need to be entertained; how to make meal time with kids stress-free; why the “terrible twos” don’t have to be terrible; and how the way we do daily care routines affects children’s lifelong health.

The content includes: 

  • pre-recorded transformative self-care tools & awareness practices created as videos & audios, including body – mind practices, mediation, dance & journaling
  • easy to read articles including entertaining pictures on holistic early child development
  • mindset-shifting interviews with globally renowned Early Childhood Development Experts & Health Professionals
  • fun to complete action tasks to put new insight into practice

You will receive:

  • unlimited access to our Parenting Path & Age-based Tips +
  • 3 new transformative pieces of content each moth to nurture YOU, YOUR CHILD and the relationship with YOUR PARTNER or Co-PARENT so each of you thrive individually and together as a fulfilled family.
What can I expect to learn?2021-11-29T05:45:41-08:00

At Beginning Well Everyday, you will:

  • be guided to transform inner overwhelm & daily stress into calm, confidence & clarity
  • learn about the importance of self-development, self-awareness and self-care
  • learn how to be empathetic and gentle with yourself, your child, and your partner
  • develop a clear understanding of how to practice mindful childcare 
  • find a healthy day and night rhythm that prevents you both from getting exhausted
  • become aware of the natural stages and milestones little ones pass through so you understand what your child needs from the very beginning, what to expect from him or what may be causing new behaviors
  • be exposed to a wide breadth and depth of knowledge and experience from global experts in pediatrics, psychology, education, neuroscience, and more. Each expert has been invited as a premier guest speaker for Beginning Well Everyday to help provide members with a bright and innovative perspective on parenting topics
  • find out how to build unbreakable bonds of trust and respect
  • get instructions for how to joyfully celebrate every day and every season with little ones 0-3: how to sing, craft, dance. and more together
How much does the membership cost?2021-11-29T05:45:33-08:00

For current prices, discounts and rates please click here 

Do I have to be a mom to join?2021-11-29T05:45:22-08:00

Not at all. Beginning Well Everyday is open to ALL caregivers including dads, grandparents, educators, nannies, daycare and preschool teachers, health professionals and others.

This membership is for people who want to:

  • learn mindset-shifting perspectives, science & experiences about holistic early childhood development
  • mindfully & respectfully care for a child’s well-being
  • raise their own self-awareness, compassion & further develop themselves and benefit from transformative self-care tools 
Is there one main approach or pedagogy presented throughout the membership regarding child development & education?2021-07-20T15:03:50-07:00

We offer a variety of holistic approaches & strategies that are all based on mindful, respectful and empathetic parenting. All approaches & pedagogies include the child’s individuality from the very beginning and aim to bring children’s true self & unique potential into life. Pia Dögl, founder of Beginning Well Everyday, herself was deeply inspired by Waldorf education & the Pikler Approach. 

More child development approaches will be presented as the content on Beginning Well Everyday grows. If there is a holistic approach you feel is missing that you would like to learn about, please feel free to contact us at any time at info@beginningwell.com.

How do I join?2021-09-26T12:50:07-07:00

Simply CLICK HERE to fill in your personal information & select a membership level including your payment plan.

We’re so delighted to welcome you to our premier membership! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions at any time. We are happy to be of assistance or to help you at info@beginningwell.com.

How and where do I access the Beginning Well Everyday Membership?2021-07-19T22:05:02-07:00

The Beginning Well Everyday Membership is located at BeginningWell.com.

Once you join, you get access to our simple and easy 4-Step Parenting Path & our Age Based Tips for parents with kids 0-3. You will be asked to log in with your membership email and password in order to view our transformative content.

Once I join, where should I go first?2021-07-20T15:08:26-07:00

After you join, you will receive a short Welcome video from our founder Pia Dögl. Pia will guide you around the membership site, and show you exactly where to begin on our step by step parenting path toward a more fulfilling family life.  

New members will also receive a Welcome email that contains important information about their membership as well as clear guidance for where to start.

How do I know when new content has been uploaded to Beginning Well Everyday?2021-07-20T15:09:32-07:00

Each time new content has been added to Beginning Well Everyday, you’ll receive an email from us about what has been added and where to find it. You don’t have to remember a thing and can’t get behind.

What if I don’t see a topic I think should be addressed within the membership?2021-07-19T22:01:41-07:00

We are trying very hard to include the most important topics/questions parents and caregivers of little ones reach out to us with.

If there is a subject you feel we’ve missed that you or others would benefit from learning about- please feel free to reach out to us at any time at info@beginningwell.com. This is YOUR membership, and we truly value your feedback and appreciate your questions!

I’m so busy. I’m afraid I won’t be able to make the time to take advantage of the membership fully. How much time will this actually take?2021-07-20T15:14:15-07:00

No worries! The membership is here for you when you need it. There is no “pace” you need to maintain. You can log on at 3am if you find yourself awake after an early morning feeding, while your baby is napping, on a lunch break at work – whatever works best for your schedule.

Where can I change my password?2021-07-06T03:42:01-07:00

Please click on https://www.beginningwell.com/membership/ . On the right side click on EDIT PROFILE. On the bottom of this page you find the option to Change your password. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any further difficulties logging in.

How can I upgrade or change my membership?2021-07-06T03:42:07-07:00

Please click on https://www.beginningwell.com/membership. Under “Action” you have the option to upgrade or change your membership. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any further questions.

What if my credit card doesn’t work?2021-07-06T03:42:12-07:00

Please get in contact with your credit card provider and check:

Has the credit card expired?

Is there enough credit on the card?

If you live outside of the US – Do you have to approve the transaction because you are making a payment in a foreign country?

Please reach out to us if you have any further questions: info@beginningwell.com

What if I’m a mom of older kids?2021-11-30T14:15:40-08:00

You are definitely welcome to join Beginning Well Everyday! Moms with children of ALL ages are welcome and can benefit from our simple yet deep self-care tools & transformative conversations with globally renowned guest speakers. You may additionally choose one of our other services provided by founder Pia Dögl, such as our nourishing Mom’s Self-Care Circle or 1:1 Parent Coaching. If you only get on our waitlist and have additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@beginningwell.com.

How to cancel?2021-09-12T16:16:10-07:00

No problem! If you decide Beginning Well Everyday is not for you, please cancel your membership prior to the next billing cycle. If you have a moment to share your perspective with us regarding why you’ve chosen to cancel, we would greatly appreciate it, as we are constantly looking for ways to improve our membership and make it the very best it can be. Feel free to send an email anytime to info@beginningwell.com.

Can I GIFT a membership?2021-09-12T16:19:55-07:00

Yes!! It’s a beautiful idea to gift parents, grandparents, or caregivers raising little ones 0-3 a membership, so they can flourish with inner calm, confidence, and clarity. CLICK HERE to buy a gift subscription.

Feel like you need 1:1 support?2021-11-30T14:11:01-08:00

Book your individualized-to-your-family guidance & education with Pia, which supports you as you navigate the unexpected challenges, self-doubt, overwhelm, exhaustion, and loneliness of parenthood. Find out more, here.

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